Virtual tours are a great asset so that potential buyers can visit the desired property from the comfort of their own home, no matter what time of day or even night. More than an asset, these are a solution to many problems and irritants! Why are virtual tours a revolutionary tool in the hands of real estate agents?

First, the virtual tour is the closest thing to visiting the property in person.

Buyers spend many hours online looking at photos when searching for property. If we say a picture is worth a thousand words, then the virtual tour is worth a million words!

1. Virtual tours give the customer a better representation of space through a three-dimensional view.

No more disappointments with the size and arrangement of the rooms. The virtual tour allows clients to have a more realistic and immersive representation of the property.

2. Virtual tours are an excellent alternative for extraordinary situations.

Obviously, in the context of a pandemic, the usefulness of the virtual tour is more than obvious. However, other situations may benefit from this service. For example, a buyer from overseas or with reduced mobility will necessarily appreciate the possibility of not having to travel.

3. This technology benefits brokers by saving them time, money and effort.

The virtual tour was designed to be a first visit, so the goal is obviously not to eliminate in-person visits, but to make sure that those who make the second visit actually show an interest. Buyers will then be more inclined to visit the properties that interest them the most and this will necessarily translate into a saving of time for agents.

4. Adopting virtual tours on your website may attract more customers to you.

Differentiate yourself from the competition by providing this service to your customers. Your brand image will certainly be improved with buyers and sellers. With the emergence of virtual reality headsets becoming more and more democratized, it is undeniable that this technology is rapidly taking hold in our connected world. Do you want to be at the forefront and gain an advantage over your fellow brokers?

You now have the option of eliminating visits where the customer wants to view the property without having any intention of making an offer. About 80% of the first visits will not bid, so this method of doing the tour interactively without having to travel will save you precious time. This is a good thing because it will allow you to meet the demand of more customers interested in this innovative and exciting technology for buyers.

5. Remember that the selling customer also benefits from this service.

Your customers will experience less disruption to their normal routine as fewer buyers will need to visit their property in person. With the initial visit now being completely online, potential buyers can get an accurate picture of the property before they even set foot there. It then becomes more and more obvious that the choice of a real estate broker who offers the virtual tour service becomes an important factor in the decision-making of a seller when he selects an agent to help him sell his home.

The property for sale can now be ready for viewing anytime of the day or night online, with the ideal lighting taken at the time of capture, which would not always be possible with everyday realities. About 60% of visits are made on evenings and weekends. Now buyers and sellers won't be wasting as much of their free time and having to tour the property in the dark when they will necessarily have to come back in the daytime before making their decision to buy.

It goes without saying that virtual tours are a technological solution in great demand and every real estate broker should use them.

Here is an example of a virtual tour made by DL Photo.

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